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Each year we assist hundreds of expatriate make the move to UAE. Some are clients we first helped move overseas, whilst others have been referred to us. In each case, we have managed to provide the peace of mind that comes from dealing with an UAE based company with thoughtful and sympathetic staff more than willing to pick up the phone and speak with you in your own time zone.



Benefits of Moving to UAE:


  • Good work prospects and better pay in the UAE
  • Thriving expat community and excellent social life
  • Safety – virtually 0% crime rate
  • Widen your cultural horizons
  • Sunshine 12 months a year
  • No taxes


Our imports team will take care of customs clearance and will be in constant touch with you to keep you updated as to the status of your shipment, and arranging delivery as quickly as possible.

Few points to keep in mind in regards to documentation required as below:

  • 1st & 2nd Original Bill of Lading/ Express Release or Airway Bill
  • Shipment should be declared ‘Used Household Goods and Personal Effects”
  • Detailed Packing List in English
  • Copy of Importer’s Passport & Valid UAE Residence Visa Copy (Stamped in the Passport) is a must
  • Local Contact Address, Telephone Number and E-Mail Address of the Client
  • Authorization Letter - to be filled by the Importer, template will be provided by Leader

Motor Vehicle: Copy of last traffic registration at origin with complete details of the car & proof of ownership

All the above documents are required at least 7 days prior to arrival of the shipment

Shipping Instructions





PHONE: +971 4 885 2204

FAX: +971 4 885 0724



  • Used household goods and personal effects being imported are exempted from custom duties as long as the importer has a UAE residence visa
  • UAE customs these days are earmarking a lot of shipments for extensive customs examination wherein container is shifted to inspection zone, de-stuffed & inspected, goods scanned & then re-stuffed into container & then container shifted back to terminal. Many times Importer’s presence is required during customs examination.
  • Please note that Customs are closed on Weekends (Friday and Saturday). Any shipments arriving on Thursday, Friday or Saturday have a good chance of Port Storage/ Liner Demurrage Charges.
  • Literature, Video Tapes and Books Require Minimum Amount of Information for Approval and Can Be Detained By Customs for Screening. Items banned will be either destroyed or re-exported to the country of origin at the consignee’s expenses.

There is no customs duty on used household items however customs may levy duty at their discretion. Both new and used motor vehicles/ boats incur customs duty of 5 % on value assessed by customs.

Prohibited Items

Drugs, Narcotics, Alcohol, Pornographic Material, Political/ Religious Literature, Products of Israeli Origin, Pirated Goods, Fireworks, Ivory, Weapons & Ammunition, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Laser Pens, Radar Jammers, Wireless Radio, Endangered Animal Species, and Any Objects, Sculptures, Paintings, Video Tapes or Books deemed offensive.