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Vehicle Shipping

25+ Years Exporting Cars, Motorcycles, Containers & More!

Leader can export cars of all types and sizes, Motorcycles, Boats or any other vehicle – new, used or classical– we can ship anything, anywhere worldwide.

At Leader Relocations, we have mastered international vehicle shipping service. Our International Car Shipping service has been streamlined over the last 22 years. This provides you with a worry-free car shipping experience. We understand that our clients want a company with the experience, excellent agency partnership and knowledge required to ship a vehicle from UAE to anywhere worldwide. This is what we at Leader Relocations are here to do.

We have an international reach of agents at your destination via our IAM Network, we own our own trucks, have excellent shipping partnerships. Safety and security of your vehicle is our primary concern and to ensure this, we have our own in-house specialist’s workers who will ensure proper loading, lashing and transportation of your vehicle.

At the time of handover of the vehicle to us, we will do a complete inspection of the car and ensure you receive it in the same condition at the destination. You can feel confident your car will arrive in the same condition once it gets to its destination. We will let you know exactly what to do in order to start the shipping process. The process varies from country to country and we know what forms you need to fill out ahead of time. Since we have been an International Car Shipping Company for over 22 years, there is nothing complicated about this for us. If you want us to assist you in getting the RTA Export Certificate, we can arrange that for you. Our staff will keep you updated throughout the whole export/import process and we hope you use us next time you want to ship a car overseas.

When it comes to automobile shipping, you have three main options. You can ship your vehicle in a container or ship via Roll On Roll Off (RORO) or by Road. But which option is better?


Container Shipping

Safe and secure inside your own container, all vehicles are securely blocked, braced and tied down with wooden blocks to keep it from moving ensuring absolute security during the shipping process. You can also ship any personal effects inside the vehicle. This option is best if you have household goods & personal effects to ship in addition to your car. Most popular container sizes are 20 Foot & 40 Foot, depending on the number of cars you plan on shipping and the volume of your household goods.

However keep in mind for some destinations, this is the only option to ship as other options such as RORO or Road shipping might not be possible. Also if you have a very large vehicle/ boat, you may not be able to ship in a container.


RoRo Shipping

The easiest way to ship a car overseas is to have it driven into a ship. All major car manufacturers use this method. They ‘roll’ their cars on the ship, then ‘roll’ it off the ship. Once the car is on the ship, it is secured by straps and braces to keep it from moving. If you want to ship a car overseas, this is normally the safest and most cost effective way. It is important to note that you cannot ship personal effects using this method.

The only problem with RORO shipping is geographical coverage. While RORO transportation does have global routes, it is still not as all-encompassing as container shipping. Some ports may not have this options and best mode of transport would be via container.

Our knowledgeable staff will be able to advise you on the availability of RORO shipping to the destinations of your choice and whether it would be more advisable for you to do your auto shipping by container. We'll make sure we find the option that is best for your shipment.


Car Shipping via Road Freight

Road transport is an fairly effective and quick transportation method within the GCC and some surrounding Arab countries. Typically the car is part of a multiple car shipment. It is important to keep in mind that some GCC countries do not allow cars more than 5 years old to be imported, nor do they allow stuffing of personal effects inside the car. Please consult us for more details about this option.