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Whether you’re amid relocation, downsizing, or just need some extra space to store your belongings, we have the perfect storage options to meet your storage needs. At, Leader Relocations we understand that every situation is unique, which is why we offer a variety of storage solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From short-term storage for items to long-term storage for entire households or businesses, we have the capacity and flexibility to accommodate your needs.

Our storage solutions include:

  • Long/short-term storage
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Temperature controlled storage
  • Business Storage

A completely equipped warehouse:

Climate Control: Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels
Security Systems: The warehouse is equipped with surveillance cameras (24/7 CCTV-controlled warehouse), access control systems, and alarm systems, to protect from theft and unauthorized access.
Fire Protection: Fire protection systems such as fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers are in place to minimize the risk of fire damage.
Loading Docks: Loading docks equipped with ramps to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods from trucks or containers.
Handling Equipment: Pallet jacks, and other handling equipment to safely move and transport goods within the warehouse.
Inventory Management System: An inventory management system for efficient tracking and management.

Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment: Cleaning equipment such as brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners to maintain regular cleanliness.
Safety Equipment: Safety equipment such as safety signs, first aid kits, and personal protective gear to ensure a safe working environment for employees.
Fully Insured: For Fire, Theft & Burglary.

Why Choose Leader Relocations for your storage needs?

34+ years of Experience in

  • The moving and storage industry.
  • Reliability you can trust that your belongings are in safe hands
  • Customer Satisfaction is our top priority as we strive to exceed your expectations and ensure a positive storage experience for you and your belongings.

We believe that storage solutions should be accessible and Affordable to everyone. That’s why we offer competitive rates and transparent pricing, so you can enjoy peace of mind without breaking the bank.

Experience the difference with LEADER RELOCATIONS. Contact us today and learn more about our storage solutions and let us help you declutter, organize, and simplify your life!