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IT Removals

Seamless IT Transitions, Powered by Expertise

With expertise in handling delicate and sensitive equipment, we offer a range of IT removal services to ensure the seamless relocation of technology infrastructure while minimizing downtime and risk.

Server and Data Center Relocation: Specialized in the safe and secure relocation of servers and data center equipment we meticulously plan, pack, transport and reinstal servers, racks, switches, and other critical infrastructure to minimize disruption to business operations.

Desktop and Workstation Disconnection: Assisting with disconnecting and packing desktop computers, workstations, and peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, and mice are done skillfully. They ensure proper labeling and handling of cables and accessories to facilitate easy reinstallation at the new location.

Network Equipment and Cabling: Handling the disconnection and removal of network equipment, including routers, switches, and cables is done with inhouse expertise They ensure proper documentation and organization of network infrastructure to simplify the reinstallation process and maintain connectivity.

Telecommunication Systems: For businesses with telecommunication systems such as PBX phone systems, we provide specialized removal services including disconnecting phone lines, dismantling equipment, and coordinating with telecommunications providers to ensure seamless transition and minimal disruption to communication services.

Data Destruction and Asset Disposal: We provide data destruction and asset disposal services to ensure the secure and environmentally responsible disposal of outdated or redundant IT equipment. This includes data wiping or physical destruction of storage devices and proper disposal or recycling of electronic waste in compliance with regulations.

Specialized Equipment Handling: We possess the expertise and have equipment necessary to handle specialized IT equipment such as printers, copiers, scanners, and audio-visual equipment. We ensure proper packing, transportation, and installation of these devices to safeguard against damage and ensure functionality.

Documentation and Inventory Management: Throughout the IT removal process, we maintain detailed documentation and inventory management to track equipment, accessories, and components. This ensures accountability and facilitates efficient setup and configuration at the new location.